What exactly is UX strategy?

April 14, 2018 User Experience
UX strategy is somewhere at the intersection of UX design and business strategy, as Jaime Levy explains on her book about UX strategy. In order to create a successful product design, a product team needs to have a long-term...
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October 31, 2016 Design, User Experience
Real user research validates assumptions with real users, this ensures you and your team are tackling the right problem with the right solution A product design team can employ research methods such as observational and experimental methods. These methodologies...
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Designing experiences or altering behaviour?

October 24, 2016 User Experience
Why understanding your users is so important A designer’s job isn’t just playing around with pixels. Behind many digital products, there is a long road and a lot of thought put into it. It is not only about styling and...
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